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Upon Arrival

Find out from the Provost’s Office and the International Center about any orientation programs that are scheduled.
• Visit the Human Resources Office to finalize official procedures, and submit your medical check-up report (obtained from the University Health Center).
• If you choose to sign up for the group health insurance plan, ask about the details and procedure at the Human Resources Office.
• Please inform the Human Resources Office if you had a YU number issued in your name at any time in the past.
• Report to the Housing Office, located in Building 19 on Main Campus, or in Building C on East Campus, and sign the inventory form listing the items provided in your residence.
• Fill out an application form to open an e-mail account at the Bilkent Computer Center (BCC) located on Main Campus in Building B (next to the Faculty of Science). It is very important that you have an e-mail account as soon as possible in order to be able to receive general notices sent by the University.
• Contact your department secretary and ask him/her to add your contact information to the online telephone directory.
• Register at your embassy.