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Whom To Contact

If you need help with…  : Contact

Academic Issues:  Department Chairperson/Provost’s Office
Bus Schedule/Bus Stops: Transportation Unit
Campus Traffic:  Traffic Committee/Security Office
Car Sticker: Department Secretary/Security Office
Computers/Access to Internet: Computer Center (BCC)
Contract Terms: Dean/Provost’s Office
Domestic Help: Housing Office
Health Problems: Health Center
Housing/Maintenance: Housing Office
Loss of Apartment Key: Housing Office (Security, after working hours)
Loss of ID card: Human Resources Office
Lost Belongings: Security Office
Meal Tickets: Department Secretary
Medical Insurance: Human Resources Office
Residence Certificate: Housing Office
Residence Permit: Human Resources Office
Salary/Reimbursement: Dean/Provost’s Office
Stationery: Department Secretary
Taxes: Budget and Financial Affairs Office
Taxi Service: Murat Taxi ext.1678 or 266 44 40
Visa Problems: Human Resources Office
Work Permit: Human Resources Office