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NanoArt and NanoPoster Competitions and Exhibition

The 9th NanoDay event took place at Bilkent University’s National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM), drawing a remarkable attendance of over 250 participants.

The annual NanoDay event organized by UNAM gathers renowned figures from the global scientific community, uniting scientists, researchers, students, and industry professionals from Turkey and beyond. This event goes beyond being a platform for sharing state-of-the-art research and promoting knowledge exchange; it also facilitates meaningful social interactions. Additionally, the conference includes the NanoArt and NanoPoster competitions and exhibition that invites students from Bilkent University as well as students from other institutions to showcase their research and artistic views.

Mushrooms in Nanoforest – Yasaman Salimi

The NanoArt competition strives to recognize captivating images captured at the nanometer scale through innovative imaging techniques and cutting-edge technologies by students from diverse fields. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students are invited to partake in the NanoArt contest by submitting images showcasing intricate details measuring below 1,000 nm that were observed and recorded within laboratory settings using material characterization devices such as transmission electron, confocal, or atomic force microscopes.