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New Book by Ece Göztepe

Dr. Ece Göztepe of the Faculty of Law has authored a fourth monograph, “İnsan Haklarının Korunmasında Geçici Tedbir. Avrupa İnsan Hakları Mahkemesi, Almanya ve Türkiye Örnekleri” (Interim Measures for the Protection of Human Rights: Examples From the European Court of Human Rights, Germany and Turkey).

The book was recently published by Oniki Levha Yayınları in İstanbul.

In the volume, Dr. Göztepe focuses on examining interim measures that aim to guarantee the effective protection of any legal remedy results concerning human rights before the final results are obtained, comparing the juridical praxis of the ECHR and the jurisdiction of the constitutional courts in Germany and Turkey. The ultimate aim of her investigation is to determine the best practices for the purpose of improving the Turkish Constitutional Court’s jurisdiction. Dr. Göztepe analyzes the crucial function of interim measures and demonstrates this through a functional comparison of such measures in all legal branches. The book concludes with several recommendations for the Turkish Constitutional Court’s jurisdiction as well as for lawyers, especially those involved in constitutional complaint applications.