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New Book Edited by Dr. Tamer Uyar

Dr. Tamer Uyar of UNAM is coeditor of the new book “Electrospun Materials for Tissue Engineering and Biomedical Applications: Research, Design and Commercialization,” published as part of Elsevier’s Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials.

“Electrospinning, an electro-hydrodynamic process, is a versatile and promising platform technology for the production of nanofibrous materials for tissue engineering and biomedical applications,” notes the publisher’s description. The book “examines the rapid development of electrospun materials for use in tissue engineering and biomedical applications. With a strong focus on fundamental materials science and engineering, [it] also looks at successful technology transfers to the biomedical industry, highlighting biomedical products already on the market as well as the requirements to successfully commercialize electrospun materials for potential use in tissue engineering and biomedical areas. This book is a valuable resource for materials and biomedical scientists and engineers wishing to broaden their knowledge on the tissue engineering and biomedical applications of electrospun fibrous materials.”

Dr. Uyar is an internationally recognized expert on the electrospinning of nanofibers, having published over one hundred papers on this subject in peer-reviewed journals. His work has potential applications in areas including environmental/filtration, health care, catalysis, sensors, food and active food packaging, energy, nanotextiles and nanoagriculture.

Dr. Uyar is founding editor of the journal Electrospinning; he also currently serves as a member of the editorial board for Scientific Reports and the Journal of Nanomaterials, and is a member of the editorial advisory board for e-Polymers. He is the recipient of several international awards and fellowships as well as numerous awards given to young researchers in Turkey.