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Parametric Design Studio Exhibition

Parametric Design Studio students of the Department of Architecture exhibited their works in the FADA Exhibition Hall.

Parametric design refers to modeling the relationships between design parameters algorithmically. Unlike the conventional design media which focuses only on the representation of geometry, a wide range of design knowledge can be modeled with the parametric design tools. This enables creating complex forms and producing their prototypes with digital fabrication tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC routers. Moreover, environmental performances of designs are improved by integrating related criteria to the design process.

The Parametric Design Studio students, led by Assist. Prof. Dr. Şule Taşlı Pektaş, designed parametric skins which create playful experiences with light and produced their models at the FADA’s Digital Fabrication Lab. The exhibition demonstrated the skills of the future architects in using the cutting-edge technology for designing creative, aesthetic, and functional spaces.