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Penalties For Violation of Traffic Rules and Regulations

Drivers who fail to comply with campus traffic and parking rules and regulations will receive a “notice of traffic violation” and be charged with violation points based on the University’s Violation Point System. When necessary, disciplinary actions may also be taken besides implementing the violation point system.


Exceeding the speed limit up to 50% 6 POINTS
Exceeding the speed limit between 51% and 100% 8 POINTS
Exceeding  the speed  limit  over 100% 12 POINTS
Failure to follow the traffic signs and officers 6 POINTS
Driving in the opposite direction 6 POINTS
Failure to respect for pedestrians’ right of way 4 POINTS
Intersection parking rule violation 6 POINTS
Violating parking rules 4 POINTS (The penalty for the violation of parking rules is duplicated for every extra hour.)
Causing both  environmental  and noise pollution 4 POINTS
Failure to wear a safety belt and a helmet 3 POINTS
Talking on the cell phone while driving 3 POINTS
Driving disrespectfully 4 POINTS
Failure to obey the right of way at the intersections 4 POINTS
Causing extensive property damage 4 POINTS
Causing injury in a traffic accident  8-20 POINTS (Depending on the fault of the driver and the severity of the accident, violation points ranging from 8 – 20 points apply. The assessment regarding violation points that will apply is carried out by the Security Office.)
Driving under the influence of alcohol 40 POINTS


The Violation Point System covers all vehicles registered   at the Bilkent University’s system. Vehicles that are at  fault and not registered in the system are reported to the Security and Civil Defence Office. Depending on the type of violation, entry to the University campus may be restricted for those vehicles.

2.2.1.  Students who have exceeded 16 points due to violation of traffic rules during their studies at University and other drivers on campus who have exceeded 16 points  at any given time (irrespective of a time period) are suspended from driving on campus for three months (summer and semester breaks are excluded in the calculation). The suspension is extended by one week for every extra violation point when drivers exceed 16 violation points. During this period the driver’s privileges (barrier cards, etc.) related to driving on University campus are cancelled.  This information is sent to the Faculty/School Head and the permanent address of the driver in writing and via e-mail to the driver

2.2.2.  Drivers who are suspended from driving on campus must return their vehicle stickers to the Security Office within 15 days. In the case that they fail to return their vehicle sticker within 15 days of the suspension period, they are suspended for double the original suspension time.

2.2.3.  The suspension period of the drivers, who are found to be driving on campus despite the ban (within the scope of items 2.2.1. and 2.2.2.) are suspended for double the original suspension time.

2.2.4.  At the end of the suspension period, drivers need to attend the Traffic Orientation Program carried out by the Security Office and are required to get a passing score on the exam in order for their ban to be lifted. Drivers can also attend the Traffic Orientation Program when offered during the suspension period.

2.2.5.  In the case that a driver who has been given a campus ban violates the rules again, penalties increase by 50%.

2.2.6.  If a driver is found to be driving without a driver’s license, the driver is assisted in taking the vehicle out of campus.  An incident report form is kept and Security General Directorate Traffic Office is informed accordingly regarding the offence.

2.2.7.  Violation points of the drivers, who have accumulated 8 points and below in the 2017-18 academic year, will be reset. Those who have accumulated more than 8 violation points in the 2017-18 academic year, will have 8 points deducted.



  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol
  2. Dangerous driving, speeding , racing with another car and showing disrespectful attitudes towards other drivers
  3. Disregarding the warnings made by security/traffic officers, behaving disrespectfully(swearing, causing bodily harm or attempting to do so) towards staff or students who attempt to warn the driver about the rules
  4. Bothering or frightening other drivers and pedestrians
  5. Misuse of stickers or allowing others to use
  6. Entering the campus in spite of the entry ban
  7. Acting against the traffic rules and regulations stated in the State Traffic Laws and Safety Guidelines



Due to the cooperation among Bilkent University, Ankara Security General Directorate and the Gendarme, the University’s Security and Civil Defence Office is always informed about the traffic rule violations made by the vehicles registered at  the University. Thus, all drivers are subject to the same restrictions and receive points even if the traffic violation (speeding, dangerous and/or drunk driving, etc.) takes place off campus.



“Notification of Traffic Violation” is sent to those who violate the rules and regulations. Based on the type of the traffic rule violation, it is reported to the driver’s records.

In the case that the driver has an objection to the notification, he/she should directly go to the Security and Civil Defence Office and apply in writing. If the driver wishes to appeal against the Security and Civil Defence Office’s decision, an appeal form should be filled out and submitted to the Head of the Traffic Committee.

After registering in the system, notifications are sent to the drivers who have traffic violations via e-mail. It is then the driver’s responsibility to check his/her e-mail regularly.

Those who have an entry ban can contact the Traffic Office to renew their stickers, after the ban is lifted.