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Rules and Regulations of Swimming Pool

The following rules and regulations are established for the benefit of all students and staff members of Bilkent University, in order to ensure the safe operation of the swimming pool facility as well as to provide a healthy environment for aquatic sports. For these reasons, it is requested that all pool users observe the following rules and regulations and obey the instructions set forth by the University.

Swimming Pool: Length: 25 m; Depth: 2.10 m; Width: 6 lanes



  1. All users must know how to swim.
  2. No one is allowed to enter the pool unless it is officially open and the lifeguard is on duty.
  3. All users must obey the instructions given by the lifeguard, who is authorized to enforce pool safety rules and regulations.
  4. All users must wear proper swimwear, take a shower and wash their feet in the designated area by the pool before entering the water.
  5. All users are required to have a swim cap on before entering the pool.
  6. Wearing jewelry or other accessories while swimming is not permitted.
  7. Food and beverages (except for bottled water) are not allowed in and around the pool.
  8. All persons should respect the facility’s hours of operation and use the pool during a specific time slot according to the schedule indicated. A user whose allocated time has ended should leave the pool promptly, so that the next user can enter.
  9. A reservation should be made one day in advance in order to guarantee a time slot.
  10. Except for a towel for drying off, it is not permitted to carry or keep personal belongings (clothes, bags, books, etc.) in or around the pool area.



  1. It is forbidden to distract the lifeguard.
  2. It is forbidden to speak loudly or engage in activities (running, jumping, pushing, etc.) that would create an unsafe environment in or around the pool.



  1. Any person having a skin disease, infectious illness, sore or open wound should not use the pool.
  2. It is forbidden to engage in behavior that would cause unhygienic conditions for oneself or others, such as spitting, blowing one’s nose or spouting water.
  3. Walking barefooted in the locker rooms or around the pool area is not permitted; appropriate footwear must be worn.
  4. Any person under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to enter the pool.
  5. Holding one’s breath underwater for a long time while swimming can be very dangerous and is not recommended.
  6. Items that might cause injuries or accidents, such as sharp objects, glass bottles, etc., are not allowed in the pool area.
  7. Chewing gum while swimming is not permitted.
  8. Inform the lifeguard immediately if you are injured or experience discomfort while swimming.
  9. When the lifeguard is on duty, do not try to rescue or provide first aid to anyone in or around the pool. However, if the lifeguard asks for help in case of emergency, please provide assistance as directed.



  1. Between 08:00-17:30 without reservation; between 17:30-22:45 the swimming pool can be used with reservation.
  2. All swimmers have an equal right to use the lanes designated according to their skill levels.
  3. Ask the lifeguard to help you determine your level and the appropriate lane for your safe use.
  4. There is a 1-1/4-hour time limit for using a lane, so all swimmers should leave the pool when the lifeguard indicates their time is up.
  5. Users should swim close to the lane markers, following the right side of the lane (i.e., counter-clockwise).
  6. Resting on the lane markers is not permitted. If you need to slow down or take a break, stop and rest at one of the turning walls.
  7. The lifeguard may ask you to switch lanes, depending on your speed and swimming ability.
  8. Swimming across the lanes is not permitted except when entering and exiting the pool.



  1. The use of swimming goggles is highly recommended.
  2. Inform the lifeguard if you want to use a snorkel.
  3. Inform the lifeguard if you want to use starting blocks.
  4. The use of inner tubes, rafts, water wings, etc. is not permitted in the pool.



  1. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed in or around the pool.
  2. Children aged 8-15 can use the pool provided they know how to swim and have one-on-one parental supervision in their lane.
  3. Teenagers 16 and older can use the pool by themselves if they can swim at least a 25-meter lap nonstop.


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