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Sandrine Bergès Receives International Award

Sandrine Bergès from the Department of Philosophy has received an Emma Goldman Snowball award from the Flax Foundation. The award recognizes talented and innovative scholars working on feminist and inequality issues.

Professor Bergès was nominated by the renowned scholar Ingrid Robeyns for her work on the history of feminism and women philosophers. This year’s awards were presented at a ceremony at the Vienna Institute for Human Sciences on September 6, 2022.

Find out more: https://www.flax-foundation.net/kopie-van-emma-goldman-snowball-award

Sandrine Bergès is a French philosopher who has worked for many years at the University of Bilkent in Turkey (http://www.phil.bilkent.edu.tr/index.php/sandrine-berges/ ) where she teaches feminist philosophy. She does both history of philosophy, and contemporary political philosophy, and in both advances feminist topics as well as uncovering the work of female philosophers. She made female (some feminist, some not) philosophers more visible, by writing articles on their work, and also, in the case of Sophie de Grouchy published the first French-English annotated translation of her Letters on Sympathy (her husband Marquis de Condorcet is very well-known among those studying voting systems and collective decision making, but the very interesting contribution that de Grouchy made has been totally neglected, one does not need to wonder why…)

In terms of ‘academic activism’, she is an active member of Project Vox and the Extending New Narratives Project – international groups striving to reintroduce important texts by women philosophers into teaching and research. In addition, she is the co-founder of the Turkish-European Network for the Study of Women Philosophers and of SWIP-TR (SWIP is the Society for Women in Philosophy, which has chapters in a number of countries, and this is the Turkish chapter).

On her personal website – http://www.sandrineberges.com/ – you can find research blogs, but also her art work on female and feminist historical philosophers, including a freely downloadable yearly calendar.