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Sueda Saylan Receives Horizon Europe MSCA Grant

Dr. Sueda Saylan has been awarded an MSCA European Research Area (ERA) Fellowship for two years. The ERA programme, an initiative of the European Commission, puts emphasis on excellence, innovation and the international mobility of researchers.

This is the third MSCA grant awarded to a researcher at Bilkent under the Horizon Europe Programme and the fifteenth including Horizon 2020. Dr. Saylan is a post-doctoral researcher at the Photonic Devices Lab (PDL) led by Asst. Prof. Onur Tokel at the Department of Physics and National Nanotechnology Research Center.

The main focus of Dr. Saylan’s current research is to monolithically integrate in-chip laser-sculpted microfluidic channels and electronic devices composed of memristive arrays. This paradigm offers an immediate and rapid path to overcome the thermal challenges facing today’s computing architectures and is of relevance to other technologies that suffer from heating during operation. This interdisciplinary action seeks to exploit the two powerful emerging technologies of memristive systems and 3D laser based microfabrication to pioneer cutting-edge advances.