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Faculty Conversation Hour: Fostering Creative Thinking in Higher Education: Strategies for Classroom Implementation

Date and Time: April 17, 12:30-13:20 via Zoom

Abstract: What role can creative thinking play in university classrooms? This seminar will delve into the importance of integrating creative thinking into classrooms. We will define creative thinking, explore its significance, and learn practical ideas for implementation. Participants will gain insights into fostering an environment conducive to innovation and originality within academic settings.

We look forward to your presence at this gathering.

Send an e-mail to btlsc@bilkent.edu.tr for Zoom information.
Linnea McCully, originally from the United States, is an educator with sixteen years of experience. Her career has been devoted to international education, and she has fourteen years of expertise teaching the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. She is pursuing her MA in Curriculum and Instruction at Bilkent University, and her thesis is focused on creative divergent thinking.


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