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Sharing and Exchanging Experiences about Online Education
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 13:00 – 14:00 pm

Zoom Meeting ID: please ask for the zoom link

The talk will be about exchanging ideas and experiences in electrical and electronics engineering education. The on-line seminar is desired to be interactive, especially managing crowded sections and on-line examinations.

About Uğur Baysal

Dr. Uğur BAYSAL got his B.Sc. degree from Middle East Technical University in 1988 and continued his education in Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusettes USA), Department of Biomedical Engineering and got his Ph.D. degree in Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Hacettepe University in 1999. He went to post-doctoral research activity in Freidrich Schiller University, Jena-Germany in 2001 and continued to be a visiting scientist in various years afterwards. He has published numerous scientific works as journal article and conference proceedings papers, finished projects supported by TÜBİTAK and Scientific Research Coordination Unit of Hacettepe University.

The discipline of education has always been one of the main interests of him. In the years 1995-1996, he had completed pedagogical formation certificate training, between 2002 and 2004, he supervised M.Sc. thesis work related to remote laboratory course education in electronics engineering curriculum. He had published conference proceedings works abroad, worked as Hacettepe University Vocational School Administrator and Instructor between 2002-2012, acted as European Union project assessor related to vocational education and training individuals to combat unemployment. For more than 4 years, he has published his course films in social media environment and giving at least 6 electrical engineering courses per year, including summer terms.

A Stoic Approach to Teaching: Theory and Practice
Thursday, May 21, 2020 12:40-13:30 pm

Zoom Meeting ID: please ask for the zoom link

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy, which is gaining popularity as a modern philosophy of life in recent years. Stoicism emphasizes self-improvement, self-discipline, virtue, wisdom based on our ability to distinguish between what is in our control and what is not, and courage to face the truth. If we apply Stoic principles to teaching, what we get is a student-centered approach to teaching that emphasizes student empowerment and autonomy, and cultivates skills and attitudes that are necessary for students to become self-learners. In this workshop, we will discuss theoretical and practical Stoic insights about teaching, with an emphasis on humanities and social sciences.

About Tufan Kıymaz

Dr. Tufan Kıymaz received his PhD in Philosophy, with a minor in History and Philosophy of Science, from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 2017. The same year he joined Bilkent University Department of Philosophy. His main areas of research are philosophy of mind and philosophy of well-being. He was active in Indiana University Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, both as a regular participant in workshops and learning communities, and also as a workshop facilitator. At Bilkent, he is organizing seminars and weekly workshops for students in collaboration with Bilkent Psychological Counseling and Development Center.