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Young Industrial Engineers Solve Industry’s Problems

22 years ago, Department of Industrial Engineering initiated close Industry-University collaboration through the capstone system design project course.


With the support of academic and industrial advisors, IE senior students work in groups of 5 to 6 in order to solve real life problems of the companies.

Up to now, 397 system design projects accomplished by the students have been successfully implemented in 86 firms.

endustriThis year, 27 projects conducted in industries ranging from airlines, communication technologies, automotive to textile have taken place in the Project Fair Day. The best eight design project groups competed by presenting their work to a large audience. The first prize went to Zeynep Yaprak Beşik, Başak Erman, Deniz Berfin Karakoç, Yekta Jehat Mızraklı, Umut Müdüroğlu, and Egehan Yanık with their project titled “Logistics Optimization for the Hot Delivery System” conducted at ETİ A.Ş.